Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Middle School Terminology

We can say it a number of ways, but trying to describe the middle school ministry can be tricky. Most of us say things like:

  • Middle school ministry
  • Middle school students
  • Middle schooler's
  • Middle school kids
But I'm beginning to think our terminology can make a difference. My oldest daughter is wrapping up her 5th grade year, the last of elementary school where we live. She has grown up a lot the past few years and it is exciting to see. But I don't feel comfortable referring to her as a middle school kid - although "kid" is not inappropriate at this stage of life. That said, how we refer to my daughter and her friends can make a difference. I have begun to say things like:
  • People like my daughter, who are in middle school
  • People who are in middle school
Notice the difference? It's not that we deny them being people in the first phrases above, but I have seen dignity extended and received a bit differently when I refer to my daughter and her friends this way. Time will tell, but at this point it seems to sort of leveling the playing field in a healthy way.

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