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Pharisee In A Millennial Body

I dedicated an entire chapter in Better Off wihtout Jesusto the idea that there is a Pharisee within every one of us. It looks different from Jesus' day and we hate it, but it is true.

For Boomer generations and possibly some Gen-Xers the Pharisee comes out in self-focus. Rather than looking at gifts as a means of God's grace expressed toward the life of others (Ephesians 4:11-16), we tend to think of it as something we are good at or skilled in. This small tweak causes it to be about us rather than God ministering to others through us.

Small tweaks, but one's that send us on a different trajectory of perspective. Now, I'm sure it reveals itself in a number of different ways for each generation, but there is one way I see the Pharisee subversively surfacing in Millennials.

It shows up under the umbrella of "gifts." Let me explain.

Out of a unique desire to find the specific thing that God wants them to be doing, there is a distinct focus on making sure they a…

3 Tensions Employers Must Get Over With Millennials

Business and organizations of all sorts that are being led by Baby Boomers (and now even Gen X'ers) all seem to be trying to nail down the nuances and balances of hiring and working with Millennials.

This post is far too short to address all the existing tension points and the reasons behind them, but here are a few quick expectations employers need to get over being frustrated about and figure out how to work with. Because, well, they are NOT going to change.
To have a voice. Think about it. Millennials have never been without a voice. Ever since they can remember they can post their opinions. Blogs. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. They have always been able to make known and share what they like or disagree with. They know nothing other than being able to express their opinions. From their perspective, it's a way of contributing. Employers, get over your frustration with this and provide avenues for younger employees to voice their opinion. Sure, they might not have the best id…

14 Thoughts: SCOTUS Decision

I wrote these thoughts out a few weeks ago for the people part of Colossae Church. I thought I would also post it here. Hope you find it helpful.  Here is the post:
I feel like I need to say a few things for our church regarding the recent SCOTUS decision.

This cannot be anything but controversial, so I will just offer a list of thoughts. Regardless where people fall on the pendulum swing of opinions/convictions/beliefs on this issue, everyone has deep feelings and even fears attached to all that is happening. So, my hope is that these thoughts will not only clearly state our position as a church, but hopefully bring some internal rest to some of us who are trying to think deeper about how we live out our faith right now.

The list is in no particular order. I only ask that you read all the way through this post. So, if you do not have time to do so at this point...please set this aside and come back to this post when you have ample time.

First, I must say that I have been so proud to …