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Quick Thoughts: Newsweek Article About The Bible

I respect the fact that people have differing opinions and beliefs. I also am fully aware that there are always two sides to every story. But even though I'm not an expert theologian or a professional reporter, I can say this Newsweek article is highly unfortunate. Good for business I suppose, but potentially an unwarranted problem for those of us that know the beauty of the Church and following Jesus.  If you have not read it I recommend you do so at some point. I cannot take the time to personally address or affirm all the points made here on this blog post, but I will share a few thoughts on this, albeit blunt thoughts. College students will likely hear about this, so here are a few bullet points to maybe keep in mind upfront: Clearly stated bias. Thankfully the author clearly states his bias in the beginning. He doesn't state it as a "bias" and anyone somewhat disgruntled with the Church or Christianity will resonate with his statements, which is a bummer. But, th…