Tuesday, January 28, 2014

4 Reasons I Want Our Youth Pastor To Fail

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.05.17 PMI know that title may sound a bit odd, but I mean it.  I literally want our youth pastor to fail in our church. As the pastor of a church, I say this because I believe failure does at least the following 4 things:
  1. Gain needed wisdom.  Good decision making today is usually the result of poor decisions made in the past.  The truth is we don't learn as much from our successes as we do our failures and the more we fail, the more we will succeed.
  2. Shows consistent innovation.  I push our staff to try new things.  Some will work, some won't.  That's okay.  I love Facebook's slogan on this issue: "Move Fast And Break Things."  This phrase is painted onto the walls in their facility.  I don't want to negate our past experiences (see #1 above), but I also don't want our staff's thought processes to start with what they've seen.  We want to think about our context, our people and then work toward something unique to those that will help us move forward.
  3. Keeps us humble. Success doesn't necessarily mean we will become arrogant, but I've never seen success develop humility the way I've seen failure do it.  When a leader has failed in the past it produces humility and wisdom.  Someone who has not failed a lot is going to lack both.
  4. Develops team.  Failure makes us realize that we need others around us.  We realize the beauty of inviting people to speak into situations and ideas.  Most of all, over time we realize that people have better ideas than we did.  This is when leadership is developed and team atmosphere becomes exciting.
Do you think you are failing enough?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3 Things Every Christian Might Consider

New Year's resolutions are tough and mostly because we don't follow through with them.  Everyone knows that.  But there can be some health in changing up a few things in our lives, especially when it comes to keeping our faith fresh and vibrant.

So, here are a few things you might consider changing up...

(1) Your medium for reading.  I've always considered the bible to be interesting and, frankly, I love reading it.  BUT, if I'm honest, I've realized that there are times when I stop reading it in a fresh way.  So, one thing I've found to help is changing the medium I read it on.  I found changing from my physical bible to my iPhone to my iPad helps keep it fresh.  Even though the words are the same it can be like reading them for the very first time every time I switch to a different device.

(2) The version you read.  Sometimes reading a different version of the bible brings new perspective.  I usually read from the ESV, but sometimes I switch to NIV or NAS or even The Message.  They basically say the same thing, but every once in a while the different wording of sentences brings fresh perspective.  You don't necessarily need to switch versions entirely, but from time to time it can help keep things fresh by reading different versions.  If you haven't already, you might consider downloading the YouVersionApp.  It's free and is a very easy way to switch up versions.

(3) When you pray.  I've found that setting a specific time aside each day to pray sets me up for epic failure.  Plans change or I get tired and then miss the time.  All sorts of things happen where I inevitably miss the time.  Then I just end up feeling guilty.  So, what I've found to be helpful is to use things like driving time to pray.  It's something I'm going to be doing anyway, so I just try to make use of the time.  For you this might be going on a run or walk, or going to the gym.  So, you might consider changing up when you pray so that it ends up being in a time frame of something you're ALREADY doing.  For me, getting in my car has now become a reflective time more than anything...and I always seem to find myself in my car, so I try and make the most of it.

So, hopefully this will be helpful for you, in some small way, in keeping your faith fresh this year.  I'm hopeful mine will be fresher and more exciting than ever before.