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Radio Interviews

I've been doing a ton of radio interviews lately on Losing Your Religion.  In the last week I've done shows on the west coast, mid-west, the south, New York area...all over the place.  Doing radio interviews are always interesting because:
  1. I never know much about the host, so I never really know what I'm going to walk into.
  2. I don't know who is listening and I know few of them listen for the whole I'm always a little unsure of where to stop my comments.
  3. The host rarely reads the entire book before the interview so sometimes they ask really odd questions.
  4. Sometimes the show just seems like a bunch of commercials.
And then there are shows like I did the other day...
...a radio show that focuses on women.
That's always interesting for me.

Debbie Chavez does a show for Christian women in the Denver area, helping them in all sorts of areas.  Knowing this ahead of time I didn't really know what to expect.  But, I must say, she was a fantastic interviewer.  She asked great questions and, in my opinion, we had a great conversation.

I thank her for being so kind to have me on.  You can listen to that interview on her website, click here


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