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Radio Interviews

I've been doing a ton of radio interviews lately on Losing Your Religion.  In the last week I've done shows on the west coast, mid-west, the south, New York area...all over the place.  Doing radio interviews are always interesting because:
I never know much about the host, so I never really know what I'm going to walk into.I don't know who is listening and I know few of them listen for the whole I'm always a little unsure of where to stop my comments.The host rarely reads the entire book before the interview so sometimes they ask really odd questions.Sometimes the show just seems like a bunch of commercials. And then there are shows like I did the other day... ...a radio show that focuses on women. That's always interesting for me.
Debbie Chavez does a show for Christian women in the Denver area, helping them in all sorts of areas.  Knowing this ahead of time I didn't really know what to expect.  But, I must say, she was a fantastic interviewer.  S…