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3 Things Haunting People - that few can put their finger on

As a pastor I obviously talk with a lot of people.  I usually have 2-3 "meetings" a day where I'm with people from our community.  Now, I'm not the best "counselor" available, to say the least, but I do talk with a lot of people.  Most of them I just consider friends.  And, as friends, we talk about all sorts of things.

Whenever the topic of faith comes up we all have struggles.  All of us have doubts that we think of as an enemy to faith, rather than a catalyst for it.  We all have areas of unbelief, that we somehow let overpower all the areas we can honestly stand firm in.  All of us have these types of struggles when it comes to issues of faith.

But there are 3 things that always seem to haunt people at the core of their being.  3 things that cause people to shrink back from embracing the very things they want to.  Guilt.  Shame.  Fear of what other people think.

You see, these are 3 of the 4 things that religion is founded on.  Whether or not we claim to be a "Christian," none of us want to be chained by this type of religion.  And, even though we may not recognize it in the moment, these 3 things counsel us to make all sorts of decisions that we later regret.

Religion is not necessarily a bad thing, but the kind that is founded on these three things certainly is.  I believe many people are struggling with this religious system, but don't realize just how much it effects them.  It changes the way they think about themselves.  It changes, in unhealthy ways, the way they interact with other people.  And, in my opinion, most unfortunately, it changes the way they view God.

To name just a few unhealthy outcomes of this religious system:
We think we need to be a better person and do more or work harder to get there.
We think others will judge us if we're really honest with them.
We view God as little more than a Santa Claus figure, judging our behavior.

These are the things that led me to write the book, Losing Your Religion.  I want to help bring freedom to these areas in whatever way I can.  I'm certainly not some sort of guru that found a secret to faith and I'm definitely not claiming to have all the answers.  I'm just a guy who has had to work through these three areas in my own life and, because of that, I can now see just how many people are struggling with these same exact things.  I want to help them see it.  But to be free from it, they have to lose their religion.  The good news is, they'll never miss it.

Oh, and the 4th thing that religion is founded on, well, it's you.  I explain that in the book.  I hope you find the book to be helpful.

If you want to read what others are saying about it (including Publishers Weekly), click here.


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