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Before taking massive steps of faith...

There have been many times when I have allowed my fears of what might (or might not) happen to overpower my faith.  And I must say that I don't look back on those times with total freedom.  I feel the most freedom and security and even happiness when I have operated from the premise of faith.  That's the truth.

I define faith as doing what God asks despite not knowing the consequences of your obedience.

These steps of obedience can seem like massive moves of "risk" and 100% life altering.  But we can't limit it to that.  Faith tends to be much more practical for us, and most often embraced in the mundane aspects of our everyday lives.

That said, sometimes people are called to take massive, life altering steps of faith.  For instance, I was called to move my family a thousand miles away to plant a church in a city where I barely knew 2 of my wife's old college roommates.  I was called to do it without asking anyone to join our team and without asking anyone t…