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Surgery and Musings In Recovery

As some of you know, I recently had surgery on my right lung.  To be exact, I had to get half of it removed.  Going into the surgery I didn't even really understand what they were doing.  I knew they had to remove a "mass" from my lower lobe because it was infected and increasingly getting worse, but that's all I really understood.  After the surgery, I found out more.

Each of our lungs have 3 lobes (top, middle, lower) and each set of lobes has one air passage way.  However, my right lung had a 4th lobe with it's own passage way - a defect found in a very small percentage of people I guess.  This was attracting all sorts of bacteria, was inflamed and beginning to cause a number of different issues.  The surgeon was confident that it would've eventually become cancerous.  So, they went in to remove this extra "lobe" and cut off the additional passage way to it.  But once they removed it they realized my lower lobe (the biggest of the lobes) was also…