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Insights Into Publishing [2]: How The Money Works

If you missed part 1 of this series, please first see the post directly below.

Publishing is a business, no matter how you look at it.  Authors may realize this in theory, but practially speaking I find they are surprised at how much it actually is.  People pursuing to be published tend to view their work through a lens of "having something to say" and they simply want others to read it.  This is good and needed in publishing.  Publishers actually look for it.  But it can be a rude awakening for authors when their passion meets the business world of publishing.

Publishers want and need to sell books for a profit.  Period.  And if you are someone who wants to write a book, you must embrace this at every practical level.  Like it or not, you are wanting to enter a new business venture.  This may not motivate you, but that's a reality you must embrace.  If you are a reader, I think you should know this too.  Your buying habits may change after knowing a few things.

I person…

Insights Into Publishing

I have published 6 books with 4 different publishers and am currently writing my 7th book that will be available in August of 2013 (more on that later).  Although my experience is not as vast as some others,  I have learned a few things about the publishing world.  Some I don't like while others I don't mind so much.  Some things I've learned the hard way and some prior to getting bitten.

But regardless of how I feel, I think by far the majority of people don't have a clue about how publishing actually works.  And I think, with some basic knowledge, people would go about writing or purchasing books differently.  Much differently.

I frequently get emails, Facebook messages, DM's via Twitter, Google+ messages, etc from people who are writing or have written a book they desire to get published.   Most of these inquiries are about how to go about pursuing a publisher.  But I've also helped a number of people negotiate terms with publishers from the background.  In …