Thursday, December 6, 2012

Using A Sermon Prep Team [2]

this short blog series is designed to throw out some thoughts that can hopefully help you think about ways to incorporate others into your study of scripture as you prepare to teach.  the bigger picture might even include a bible study in general.  regardless, the key is to get different types of people with different strengths so that your study becomes more holistic.  i'm seeing the beauty of this more and more as we go from week to week.

my previous post shared some of the higher level benefits of prepping my messages with a team of people versus in doing so in silo.  here i will share the types of people that i've found to be good to include.  to be clear, i didn't build the team with these types of people in mind.  i've just seen the beauty of having these types of people on the team with me.  all of the team has characteristics that overlap, but there are some clear distinctions between each person i've found to be very helpful.  here they are:
  1. Old Testament focused person.  this would be good in general, but especially as i teach through the book of Romans, this has been a great person to have.  geoff has been a college professor of the OT for about 5-6 years and it has proven to be a huge asset to the prep team.  if you don't have someone at this level it would be good to get someone that, at least, loves the Old Testament.
  2. theologically in tune person.  the team i have put together are all sound, but it's good to have someone that really knows the nuances of different views.  although he doesn't even have a bachelor degree, adam is that guy for me.   he interns at Colossae but is way more in tune with the differences than most of us in the room are and can clearly articulate most of the differences in views.  when we throw out phrases or sentences on how to communicate things he can really decipher through the theological nuances of what we're actually saying.  
  3. youth minded person.  our youth pastor, sean, is on the prep team and i love it because as we are prepping he's trying to figure out how he's going to teach this to junior high kids.  this does a number of things, but one thing it does is that it helps keep our conversation simple.  i boil things down pretty well, but having someone like him is fantastic.
  4. a precision person.  words are important and especially so when communicated verbally.  teaching a book like Romans can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be.  the book is actually quite simple in concept, but to find words and clear ways to draw distinctions can take some time.  daniel is an intern at Colossae and he is this guy for me.  he is good at illustrations and comparisons, which is obviously helpful.
  5. a people person.  it's really important to have someone that is in tune with people and, dare i say, a bit emotional (i mean that in the BEST sense).  justin is on staff with me and is highly relational.  we all are on staff, but justin is a bit more in tune emotionally which leads him to be a bit more sensitive.  he helps us keep in mind the people in the room and causes us to be more cautious with what we say and how we say it.
the only piece that i would love to have on my prep team is a woman.  we have some women in our church that are extremely sharp and i am going to try to get at least one, if not a few, on the team soon.

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