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When I Don't Say It Like I Want To

i teach often.  for the last 14-15 years i have taught every week and more often than not, multiple times a week.  the most messages i've ever given in one week was 15 (different messages).  that's abnormal, of course, but when you teach all the time you are bound to have times when you just wish you had the chance to do it over.
that was me this weekend at our 9am service.  the whole time i was teaching i kept thinking, "this isn't coming out like i wanted it to."  as i was teaching i realized this isn't going to be clear.  after the service was done i was exhausted.  my mind was racing the entire time i was teaching, trying to figure out how to be more clear.  it weighs on me emotionally because, as a teacher, i really desire people to gain understanding of a truth.  so when it's not coming out right it drains me.  
because i've had this happen more than a few times, i've learned that there are 3 things i keep in mind to maintain sanity/groundin…

Using A Sermon Prep Team [3]

okay, here is the third post of this series, but i've decided to add a fourth.  when i originally thought of this series i wasn't thinking of my 6 week prep period prior to teaching the series. so in this post i will discuss that part and then the next post will cover what we do in our weekly meetings as we teach through the book.

here is what we did those weeks:
week 1: read entire book (prior to our meeting) in an unmarked bible (preferably one without chapter or verse distinctions) and talk about our initial observations, one chapter at a timeweek 2: read through entire book again (prior to meeting) and list out tensions in the text (theological or relational) or tensions in life the text addressesweek 3: read through entire book (prior to meeting) and note where thoughts start and finish.  every author has a "flow of thought" and this is CRITICAL to understand when teaching through a book.  in our meetings we talk about and share where we broke things down.week 4:

Using A Sermon Prep Team [2]

this short blog series is designed to throw out some thoughts that can hopefully help you think about ways to incorporate others into your study of scripture as you prepare to teach.  the bigger picture might even include a bible study in general.  regardless, the key is to get different types of people with different strengths so that your study becomes more holistic.  i'm seeing the beauty of this more and more as we go from week to week.

my previous post shared some of the higher level benefits of prepping my messages with a team of people versus in doing so in silo.  here i will share the types of people that i've found to be good to include.  to be clear, i didn't build the team with these types of people in mind.  i've just seen the beauty of having these types of people on the team with me.  all of the team has characteristics that overlap, but there are some clear distinctions between each person i've found to be very helpful.  here they are:
Old Testament f…