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Thoughts on 2 Gatherings

Yesterday was the first time we had 2 Sunday gatherings at Colossae Church.  We had reached capacity, and probably beyond, for our current facility and were forced to either: move into a bigger space or add an additional gathering.  We obviously chose the latter.

Now, to be honest, I have a whole mess of different feelings with this.  Here were some of my concerns with this transition going into it:

  1. Losing a sense of holistic community.  There is something really special to everyone being together and I didn't know how this would affect that.  The concern of becoming disjointed in ways was not small.  The life of Colossae is found in community, so keeping communities together is a priority.  With this transition people in the same community may join different gatherings and we wondered if this would negatively affect community.
  2. Putting the focus on Sunday mornings.  We have a very strong emphasis on embracing truths in every day life and doing so in the context of community.  This is not something we are willing to compromise on.
  3. Perception of growth negatively affecting our culture.  With the amount of growth we have experienced people sense that God is doing something, which is exciting.  But with that also comes a fear in people that we will lose who we are in midst of continual growth.  I admit, I share some of that concern as well.
With these types of things in mind (that is not an exhaustive list of my concerns going into this), we have put up some guardrails in place to protect our culture and mission.  I may post about those at another time. But, for today, I just want to post some of my thoughts about the plus side we are seeing with this transition:
  1. Smaller group in each gathering.  This allowed us to create some space to better allow people to actually connect with others in this setting.  This contributes to our desire to keep our Sunday morning gatherings a part of what we do as a community rather than it being a separate event.  This may actually be the biggest plus for us at this point.  We were very intentional about doing some things we haven't been able to do very well up to this point due to the number of people.
  2. Serve during one and join in another.  With one gathering people that served in our children's ministry missed out on the adult side of things.  This was a price people have been willing to pay, but it was a bit of a bummer.  Now we can serve at one and still join in on the adult side.  This actually caused more people to step up to the plate and take more significant roles in serving in a number of different ways.
  3. Able to teach twice.  This is a bit of a selfish one for me, but the reality is it's kind of nice to be able to teach my message a second time.  Only having one time is tough.  There are always things I wish I would've done differently when I'm done, which is the case whenever you teach something for the first time.  But I learned to deal with it, trusting in the Holy Spirit's ability to do what He does despite what I 'could've' said better.  Now it's kind of nice to be able to record both messages and then to think as a team as to which one we should post online.  It helps appease my insecurities a little :-)


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