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On Mission But Missing The Point

It's sexy now to be "on mission."  Churches sort of pride themselves in being a "missional church" or being a "missional community."  But the idea of the Church as mission is nothing new - it stems back to  the very early church fathers - actually, Jesus.

I love how the Church has focused in these ways because I believe it's God's heart.  In fact the mission statement for Colossae, the church I planted and pastor is: to join in God's mission of reconciling the world to Himself through Jesus.  As God's people we engage in what God is doing.  The gospel doesn't call us to inviting Jesus into our lives, but it's an invitation for us to join in with his life.

That's a very big and critical distinction for us to make [and one I talk a lot about in my forthcoming book, Better Off Without Jesus].  But no matter who we are or what position we have, we often all get something else confused.  We think being a Christian is about '…