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Lessons From An 80 Yr. Old Saint

We had a dear family member staying with us for the past 4 or 5 days.  She is a saint.  Amazing woman to say the least.  She loves God.  She has incredible insight.  She has a very sharp mind.  She gets ministry.  She is wise.

These are all things that make for fun conversations and especially when she throws out statements like, "You know, I remember when we first got electricity at the house and..."  This is when you know you're engaged in a fun conversation!  But over the course of the weekend she said 3 things that really stuck with me.  Here they are:

We were talking about all the different ways leaders are leading churches.  She understands the approaches and acknowledges the need for different approaches.  But she looked at me and simply said, "Just do what God wants."  I wasn't complaining about anything, I wasn't even explaining things I have been thinking/praying through.  She just gets what it means to be called to something and issued that l…

Choosing Winners of Advance Reader Copies

You may or may not have caught it on my Twitter, but I am giving away advance reader copies of my forthcoming book, Better Off Without Jesus.  One a week, until the book releases August 7.  So, I posted something about the "contest" and said to RT for a chance to win a copy.

Well, I've had a few people ask me how I'm choosing the winner.  So, I thought I would let you know.

It's simple, really.  When it's time to announce the winner I list out the names of those that RT on a piece of paper (or sometimes assign numbers to them).

Then my 7 year old, Karis, picks the name who she wants to win or number that just stands out to her.

That's it.

Next week my 4 year old daughter, Hope, will choose.  Then we'll go back to Karis and so on.

It's a way that makes it fun for me, unbiased and it's a small way my girls get to be a part of the ministry.  Good luck!

Back Cover of "Better Off Without Jesus"

Here is the back cover of the book.  You can see the description and hopefully get a bit of a better glimpse at what the book is about.

Why Writing "Better Off Without Jesus" Was So Different For Me

This is my 6th book and yet I feel like it's my first.  I remember when my first book came out.  I was both nervous and excited.  I also had some insecurity about it.  I wondered if people would like it or if it would actually do as well as Zondervan thought it would.  Each book that followed my excitement was always there, but I became less nervous with each release and my insecurities subsided too.  But all the feelings from my first book are back - and even more intense.  I'm more excited, a bit more nervous and even more insecure in ways.

I am very excited because I really believe this book can be a tremendous help for people and especially for those of us that struggle to clearly hear God's direction for our lives.  For those of us that wonder how, in fact, can we know when God is speaking and when He is not.  But I'm nervous and insecure for entirely different reasons than I've been with any of my prior books.  Here are at 3 reasons why:

I'm writing from …