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How You Know You've Become "Religious"

I've been teaching through the book of Mark at Colossae and it has been enlightening to say the least.  We inched into chapter 3 yesterday and this is when I took time to take a closer look at 5 pitfalls we have seen the Pharisee's fall into up to this point.  For this post I will talk about one of those.  Here is one of the things that make them "religious" and a little bit of how we, unfortunately, can fall into the same trap.

They used their convictions as weapons.  For instance, they held the conviction that you couldn't lift a finger on the Sabbath, even if it meant having something to eat.  We see this issue being addressed in the grain field with Jesus at the end of chapter 2 where Jesus and his disciples are picking some grain to eat.  The Pharisee's had unfortunately made the Sabbath about another set of rules to uphold and therefore it became about things they could NOT do.  This is why Jesus combats their understanding and makes it clear that the Sa…

5 Things I've Been Saying To Church Planters

Over the past few months I have been getting more and more calls from church planters asking about our process of planting.  I get questions from how we handled finances, to how my family handled moving a thousand miles away, to how we handled leadership teams.

But the biggest question I get is something like, "What model are you using?" or it may be asked, "How are you structured as a church?"  Most I've talked to ask this because they are trying to develop something themselves and they are simply seeking to glean some insight from someone that has walked the road a little more than they have.

But I am only three or so years into this.  So here are 5 things I've been saying to preface any conversation about how we are structured:
I didn't have a structure in my head when I moved because I didn't know anyone and I didn't know the culture of Portland.  So our "model" took a solid two years to develop in our minds.  It took even longer t…