Friday, September 2, 2011

Humbled by these...

Anytime you work hard at something and pour your heart into it, you want people to like it and find it useful.  Well, that said, I've been extremely humbled by what people have said about my newest book, Worlds Apart: Understanding the Mindset and Values of 18-25 Year Olds.

Chuck Bomar gives very keen insight into the minds and hearts of what often can be a confusing generation to try and understand. While some give up or ignore trying to understand them, Chuck is someone who has  served with this age group and has studied and written about them them for many years. I always read everything Chuck writes because he writes with not just his research and experience but out of passion, love and belief in this generation."

"From one of the leading experts on college students, Chuck Bomar, World's Apart gives us a solid, clear and empowering resource for coming alongside these emerging adults. When I want to learn about college students, I read Chuck Bomar."
Chap Clark, PhD
Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary

"Personally, as the father of three adolescents, this book was an important and relevant read for me. Professionally, as the president of an evangelistic ministry, this book was an essential and strategic read. Chuck Bomar's "Worlds Apart" is a timely and compelling work for anyone who wants to more effectively reach 18-25 year olds....[they] are the future of our communities, our churches, and ultimately, our world. We need to invest in them if we are to invest in a brighter future. Bomar's research and practical insights show us how."
Kevin Palau
President, Luis Palau Association

"...Chuck gives us a deep perspective for parents from the front lines of ministry.  Wondering what your college students might be thinking right now?  Chuck can tell you."
Reggie Joiner, Founder and CEO of Orange

We -- the church -- haven't had a clue how to connect with college-age students for a long time. Peek inside an average church and it shows. Before we race off to construct lame programs and structures that miss the mark, we could all benefit from increased understanding.  Thankfully, Chuck Bomar has arrived with this book that offers just that.
_Mark Oestreicher, The Youth Cartel
"...Chuck combines a pastors heart with cutting edge research in a way that will help you lead your church and your family"
Chuck Bomar has become a leading voice on the issue of how to reach college age people. Chuck's authority comes not just from his understanding of the issues involved, but because he has great relationships with many college age adults.  He's refreshingly clear on how all of us, regardless of our age or stage in life, can build authentic relationships with younger adults.  You'll not only love what Chuck has to say, you'll love how what he has to say will impact your life."
_Carey Nieuwhof, co-author of Parenting Beyond Your Capacity: Connect Your Family to a Wider Community (The Orange Series),Lead Pastor of Connexus Community Church, Toronto, Canada.

brutally honest thoughts...

It was somewhere between 6 to 9 months ago (I think) that I was driving over the Willamette river here in Portland, sadly telling an acquaintance what I believed to be the harsh reality of a manuscript he sent me.  Stephen Lutz had a book he was trying to get published and had sent it to me to review.  At this point he had sent it out to some publishers, but at this point wasn't getting any bites.  Now, from what I've seen, Stephen is a great guy.  But we have only sat down once or twice at a conference or two so it was tough to tell him my honest thoughts about it.  Here is the bottom line of what I said:

From my perspective the sad reality was that "major publishers" would likely not take it on because there wasn't a "large enough market" for the book.  From a national perspective, their perception is the Church just isn't in a place where this would "sell enough units" for them to take it on and unfortunately most don't look at campus ministries as a large enough market (which is crazy to me, but from my experience this is their perception).

This is brutal and a harsh reality of our world.  Publishers are in business, need to make money and their perception is what matters when it comes to publishing.  My recommendation for him was, if he desired a "major publisher" to take on the book, to rewrite it to reach a broader audience.

Well, frankly, I'm glad he didn't do that.  Everything he said in what has now been published as College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture NEEDED to be said and should be read by everyone working in college ministry.  I told him that on the phone.  Personally, I have had a heart for this field and thus have labored to writte 2 books for leaders of church-based ministries, a book for adult volunteers, a new book for parents of 18-25 year olds.....all are NEEDED.

The bottom line is I believe Stephen has a message that NEEDS to be heard and embraced.  And he just so happens to be a good writer.  Here's what I would recommend: buy this book and learn from Stephen.  This book will, in fact, helpfully shape your focus in a wonderful way.  Plus, buying this book will show "major publishers" that there is in fact a "large enough market" out there for those working in college ministry!  You can read a sample here, or purchase it here: College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture.

Oh, and thank you to House Studio publishing for taking on a book that needs to be published....and that HAS a market to support it.  I hope you will sell 100,000's of these over the years!