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Why You Shouldn't Fundraise

Missionaries fundraise.  It's a reality of life in our world today.  To be released for ministry requires funding.  Period.  Most church planting boot-camps that I know of would suggest a certain dollar amount a planter should raise prior to starting.  Mission organizations usually require a certain amount before someone moves overseas and at times before they even enter the training program.  These organizations don't want to negate people from taking steps of faith by raising support, they view it as a part of the faith process.  And I would agree.  This is a step of faith many people should take.

Many might suggest if you believe in what you are doing and that God is in it, you should ask people to support it.  And I would say, yes, sometimes....maybe.  But I also don't think these convictions require you to seek funding.

I obviously believed in what I was doing when I was planting a church because I thought God was in it.  But I didn't meet with people and ask them to support us.  I did ask our sending church to provide medical/dental benefits for one year, but I didn't ask them for any money.  The bottom line was because I felt like not fundraising was a step of faith God wanted me to take.  Period.  And if God calls you to the same you shouldn't fundraise either.  I wish more people considered this as a possibility.

I could literally leave it at that because that really is the only thing that determined my convictions on this issue.  But, there were some other thoughts running through my head that I will share because they might play a role in your process.  Here are some of those: 
  1. I knew I didn't want to have a conversation with God as I lay awake one night, wondering if the church existed because He was in it or simply because we still had funding to keep it going.
  2. I wanted the people involved in the church, from the beginning, to own it both through their time and financial support.
  3. I know planters that had a chunk of funding upfront, which led them to lose a sense of urgency.  In other words, they didn't have to do anything today because the funding was there for 3 or 5 years.  I know myself well enough to know that I could've allowed this sense of comfort to lead to laziness.  Clearly a character flaw in myself.
  4. I knew of planters that ended up spending money carelessly simply because they had it.  It's not that I thought I would fall into the same tendency.  But it was something that made me think a bit. 
  5. I knew I couldn't do anything apart from God's hand, but we also have to work hard.  And there is something to just having to make it work that serves as a motivator.
I will say that I know planters that have raised support and stayed motivated, viewed it as a sign that God was in it, that never lost a sense of urgency and that people came behind the ministry with their time and financial support.  I would say that's part of the fun.  God does different things through different people at different times.  BUT, more people should consider the possibility that God might be calling them to do something without fundraising and having a chunk in the bank.  Far too many people think that is the only way to go about it and it is the wise thing to do. 


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