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Why I Like But Don't Use The Term "Missional Community"

"Missional Community" has been a term that has become widely known and embraced and I like it.  I actually love the idea of and am a huge advocate for this movement.  Here are 4 really quick reasons why I like this terminology:
It has encouraged leaders to rethink overall church structures - including myself.It helps bring intentionality into everything we do.It has been effective wording to refresh a heart in many people for the lost and has even played a role in helping define a philosophy of evangelism.It has helped many churches realize they have become ingrown, overly focusing on themselves.Having said that, at Colossae Church I usually refer to our structure as gospel-centered community instead.  It's not exhaustive, but if you'd like to know more about how we define and articulate this, click here.  Some refer to our structure as being missional, and as of right now it seems appropriate.  It could even be used interchangeably with the term gospel-centered in wa…

Why You Shouldn't Fundraise

Missionaries fundraise.  It's a reality of life in our world today.  To be released for ministry requires funding.  Period.  Most church planting boot-camps that I know of would suggest a certain dollar amount a planter should raise prior to starting.  Mission organizations usually require a certain amount before someone moves overseas and at times before they even enter the training program.  These organizations don't want to negate people from taking steps of faith by raising support, they view it as a part of the faith process.  And I would agree.  This is a step of faith many people should take.

Many might suggest if you believe in what you are doing and that God is in it, you should ask people to support it.  And I would say, yes, sometimes....maybe.  But I also don't think these convictions require you to seek funding.

I obviously believed in what I was doing when I was planting a church because I thought God was in it.  But I didn't meet with people and ask the…