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Powerful And Disturbing Illustration

Yesterday I showed this video in the beginning of my message.  Random, yes.  Disturbing, yes.  Good illustration, I believe so.  I prefaced this clip prior to showing it, letting people know that they might wonder why I'm showing it or even if it's real.  It is real and I did have some points.  Watch the video and then check out my brief application points below.

My main point was, "This is unfortunately exactly what Christians do."  I brought out the following application points:

  1. The man lives two lives - on one side a mature adult, on the other an infant.  Often times when Christians get around mature Christians they will talk with maturity and act like they are living mature lives.  But once they are by themselves they continue living, thinking, behaving like an infant - refusing to grow and mature holistically.
  2. The nurse caring for him is enabling him to continue living in this way.  This man wants and in ways needs the enabling person in his life so he can justify it.  Christians often look to spiritual leaders to do the same.  They are looking for a spiritual leader that will enable them to continue living as an infant in their faith, never having to step up and take ownership as a maturing believer themselves, and often justify this by saying their leader should be gracious and loving.
  3. The man thought his behavior was odd until he noticed other people doing it.  We do this too.  We inherently know something is not right, but then we notice other people that are living in a similar manner which then causes us to justify our behavior/thinking.  People tend to compare themselves with others that are not as far along as they are versus with those further along the path of maturity.
The thrust of the passage I was teaching was contrasting between foolish/infant-like living with mature/wise living.  This was a bit of a shocking illustration for most and one that caused people to have images they could've probably done without, but everyone did get the point.


  1. awesome illustration, great insight, that will preach.

    now I need to get back to building my man-size changing table.

  2. You were right. Disturbing/weird video. Great illustration that will for sure stick with the people. Love it.


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